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Published: 10th March 2009
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Cricket is a sport enjoyed by spectators and players from many different countries and cultures. It requires practice, skill and concentration in order for a team to succeed. People who choose to watch games are often very knowledgeable about the rules and become thoroughly engrossed. Others who are new to the game can enjoy the atmosphere and relax. Cricket is quite different for those on the pitch, in order to allow for the best performance possible, cricket clothing must be expertly designed and made from suitable materials.

The world of cricket clothing is more complicated than the layperson may assume. As well as the obvious shirts, long trousers and caps, some positions require varying levels of additional protection, from helmets to gloves. Over the years a lot of thought has been put into finding which materials are best used in different garments. Recent fabrics have enabled cricket clothing to become even more practical.

Sweaters used by cricketers are often made from a combination of wool and acrylic fibre, or purely from acrylic yarn. Acrylic is known for producing a lightweight, warm fabric which has excellent elasticity. Items of clothing made from acrylic yarn are easy to dye and hold colour well, they are very resistant to stains and wrinkles and do not attract moths. The fact they do not deteriorate easily from sunlight exposure is another bonus, especially in the world of outdoor sports. Acrylic can be worn by those allergic to wool, but those with eczema may need to choose another alternative.

Polyester is a favoured material when making cricket shirts. Polyester fibres are economical and can be absorbent, water repellent and resistant and are able to dry quickly. Short fibre and nylon are useful in eliminating sweat, which make them very popular in sportswear. Microfiber fabrics are becoming increasingly popular in the world of sports clothing. Often made with polyesters or polymides, or a composite of these, microfibers are fibres with less than one denier per filament. Yarn made from microfibers can be very useful in cricket clothing as they are very sweat conductive, pulling perspiration away from the body and allowing it to evaporate quickly, helping a player remain dryer and cooler. Polyester itself and polymer based fabrics are also commonly used to make cricket trousers for men, women and children. The design and cut will vary, but elasticated waists are practical and popular. Some cricketers like to have trousers with a pocket, and some with special panels for polishing balls easily.

Of course these materials do not apply to all of the products needed to play cricket safely and skilfully, but learning in depth about basic clothing can help you make the right choices right from the word go. If in doubt about choices, ask someone with more experience, or if possible try out a few styles and fabrics. Whether you are a professional or a novice cricketer, striving to have the best cricket clothing available can help you in play. The right fabrics and cuts can keep you dryer and more comfortable in all sorts of weather conditions.

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